This is a general overview and may not include all sizes and options. 


Please view the price menu attached to your proof gallery for the most up to date pricing, other products and packages, and for sizes not listed here. Custom sizes are available.

Please view Photo Session Prices and Oil Painting Portrait Prices for information on these services.

Because all books, greeting cards and paintings are custom designed, these products will be invoiced individually rather than ordered through the shopping cart.


PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS Lustre Photo Paper Fine Art Paper

Gallery Wrap Canvas

Vivid Metal
     4x6  $29.00 - - $49.00
     5x7 $40.00 - - $69.00
     8x10 $55.00 $89.00      $139.00 $89.00
    11x14 $89.00 $155.00      $179.00 $129.00
    16x20 $149.00 $199.00      $249.00 $199.00
    20x30 $229.00 $325.00      $415.00 $299.00
    24x36 $259.00 $399.00      $495.00 $435.00
    30x40 $325.00 $599.00     $690.00 $625.00
For larger sizes or custom sizes, please contact [email protected]


DIGITAL PRODUCTS Purchased Individually Set of 3 Photos

Set of 10 photos

Smallest JPG for social media ONLY (retouching can't be done) $24.00 $69.00 $195.00
Medium JPG for social media AND websites AND Awards, Magazine Articles (additional fee for Magazine Cover) $65.00 $169.00 $429.00
LARGE JPG for Personal Use Printing  $99.00 $250.00 $750.00
LARGE JPG for Advertising in Print+Web: Farm/Stallion/Sale  $150.00    
Advertising for Products or Services, or corporate use Please contact [email protected]


RETOUCHING (these charges are per image number, NOT per print!)

Correction of small flaws, horse slobber, road apples, "helmet chin", deduction of 10 age years, small background distractions No Charge
Correction of larger background distractions, opening eyes (when possible), turning ears forward, greater use of digital time machine, changing anything partially hidden by a horses's tail $55.00
Complete background replacement $95.00




Start with your favorite photo and finish with unique digital artwork  Printable on the surface of your choice (paper, fine art rag paper, canvas or metal). Once the painting is completed, multiple copies can be made for gifts!

Prices start at $495.00 plus cost of print 



4x6" Spiral Bound Proof Book. Includes one 4x6 proof print of each image in your gallery. No retouching. Click to take a look.

4x8" Hard Bound Accordion Folio composed with 10-12 lightly retouched images. Click to take a look. $259.00
Hard Bound coffee table books. Hand designed and produced by one of the top publishers in the country, these include retouched photos printed on archival photo paper and bound in a lay-flat style. You'll be proud to display these heirloom quality books on your coffee table, or to give them as very special gifts. Sizes from 8"x8"" to 12"x12" and 11"x15", from 20 to 100 pages.

Price will depend on: dimensions of the book; number of page spreads; number of photos included; how much research is involved. For instance, a book about a single horse at a single show will cost less than a history that spans several years.



Design Fee. Includes 2-3 photos and custom greeting for front, back and inside of card. Medium JPGs of photos and digital copy of card are included. $150.00
5x7 Standard Paper. First Set/Additional Sets of 25 cards + Envelopes  $85.00/$60.00
5x7 Premium Paper. First Set/Additional Sets of 25 Cards + Envelopes $99.00/$65.00


5x7 two sided card, one image + greeting per side. Choice of papers.     Set of 25 Cards + Standard Envelopes.

4x8 two sided card, one image + greeting per side. Choice of papers.     Set of 25 Cards + Standard Envelopes. $79.00-$95.00


Photos taken before 2003 were shot on film. To create prints or digital files from them these days requires retrieval from archives, scanning and creation of a master digital file that is up to present standards. Once the master file is created, any of the products above can be ordered at the listed prices. $50.00 per image


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