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The prices below are guidelines for a single day of photography. Multiple days, and scenarios that don't fit any of the parameters below will be priced to fit specific situations.

Travel expenses are additional if the trip is more than 1 hour each way, and may include mileage, airfare, hotels, parking, rental car, and/or transportation of equipment, as applicable.

Any photo session that requires more than 2 hours travel each way will be billed as either a Half Day or Full Day Photo Session, depending on the number of horses. A photo session that requires air travel specifically for the session will be billed as a Full Day Photo Session for the actual day of shooting.

Number of horses/scenes that can be photographed in a day: Portraits, liberty, under saddle are each considered a scene. If you are efficient in your planning and set up, allow 20-40 minutes per scene. It is the rare horse that can sparkle in both a liberty session and an under saddle session in one day. 10-12 scenes is usually realistic for a full day session. Any more than that, and some horses will have to be photographed during the unflattering light of midday. Locations that are at separate farms or environs will of course reduce the number of scenes that can be photographed in a day.


To create prints, decor, coffee table books, holiday cards, reference for my oil paintings, for your personal use or gift giving. They are not licensed for advertising, promotion or any commercial use.

SINGLE HORSE, horse & rider, or a set of horses and/or people to be photographed as a single group, includes 1 or 2 scenes (see above)....  $295.00

  • You'll view between 30 and 60 images of each horse, posted in your gallery for selection.
  • 5 Small JPGs for Social Media per horse can be downloaded immediately.
  • Prints and other digital files can be ordered at a 15% discount from my standard rates for a limited time.

UPGRADE AT BOOKING a single horse, horse and rider or set of horses and/or people to be photographed as a single group to .......... $445.00  to add either:

  • A printed proof book, one 4x6 print of each image (maximum of 70 images)
  • All images downloadable as Small JPGs (for Social Media only)

FOR THREE OR MORE HORSES: It makes sense financially to choose one of these options:

Half Day photo session, up to 6 horses/scenes .............  $795.00

Full Day photo session, up to 12 horses/scenes ............... $1695.00

UPGRADE AT BOOKING to a printed proof book or to download all images as Small JPGs for Social Media for $150.00 per horse.





To promote horses, farm, training and breeding services. This includes licensing for all selected photos from the session for print and electronic media for this purpose, as well as personal use. These photos are licensed specifically for one business and may not be transferred to another business. This license may not be transferred or sold along with a horse.

  • You'll view between 30 and 60 image of each horse, posted in your gallery for selection. These photos can be downloaded immediately at Medium (approx 1500 x 2100 px) resolution for your website or social media. These photos will be archived in this location for you to access at any time.
  • HIGH RESOLUTION FILES: Because advertising photos are so critical to the success of your business, I highly recommend ordering retouched and prepared high resolution files of those images that will appear in print or for featured use. Quantity discounts will apply.
  • RETOUCHING: Minor retouching, such as removing slobber or flash eye will be done at no charge. Major retouching, such as background replacement, moving/removing reins or shanks, digitally cleaning tack or horse, will be billed at $100/hour in 1/4 hour increments.
  • PRINTS: while you can easily print up to 11x14 from your High Resolution files, I recommend allowing my professional lab to handle larger items. We are able to print on paper up to 50" x 50", canvas up to 40 "x 60" and metal up to a whopping 48" x 96".
  • You’ll receive a 4”x”6” proof book (one 4”x6” print of each image)of each horse for reference (maximum 70 images). For multiple horses, it is often easier to keep a larger 8”x 10" proof album with multiple images per page as a reference instead of 4”x 6" proof books. These albums are available at a surcharge.

SINGLE HORSE, horse and rider, or set of horses and/or people to be photographed as a single group, 1-2 scenes (see above) ..........  $625.00


Half Day photo session, up to 5 horse/scenes ............ $1425.00

Full Day photo session, up to 10 horses/scenes ............ $2850.00




Please contact me for pricing.


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