Terri Miller Paintings & Photos | Textures and Treatments

Some images practically demand to be taken to the next level of artwork. Here you'll find examples of the treatments that can be applied to your photos. They include:
Black and white: many photos lend themselves to conversion to black and white, and there are as many styles as there are photographers!
Sepia: for a timeless look that invokes an historical feeling
Cyanotype: the same process that creates blueprints can create a blue-hued photo for you.
Textures: these run the gamut from a simple canvas look to retro grunge or soft dreamscapes.
Digital Noodling: my own name for what happens when I get turned loose on a cool photo. Sometimes they look like paintings, sometimes they defy convention.
Digital Paint 16SJ1338Coffee 16SJ1338Ancient Canvas 16SJ1338Dark Drama 16SJ1338Vibrant Grunge 16SJ1338CyanotypeBorder Texture 16BE-6682Texture 16LJ4673Texture Border 15LJ4670Textured Vignette_16LAEC JaTimey Wimey DuotoneMediumJPG_16CT-1-6064_Evans13FrF-3014_BlackBG13FrF-0607_BlackBG