Some images practically demand to be taken to the next level of artwork. Here you'll find examples of the treatments that can be applied to your photos. They include:
Black and white: many photos lend themselves to conversion to black and white, and there are as many styles as there are photographers!
Sepia: for a timeless look that invokes an historical feeling
Cyanotype: the same process that creates blueprints can create a blue-hued photo for you.
Textures: these run the gamut from a simple canvas look to retro grunge or soft dreamscapes.
Digital Noodling: my own name for what happens when I get turned loose on a cool photo. Sometimes they look like paintings, sometimes they defy convention.
Digital Paint 16SJ1338Coffee 16SJ1338Ancient Canvas 16SJ1338Dark Drama 16SJ1338Vibrant Grunge 16SJ1338CyanotypeBorder Texture 16BE-6682Texture 16LJ4673Texture Border 15LJ4670Textured Vignette_16LAEC JaTimey Wimey DuotoneMediumJPG_16CT-1-6064_Evans13FrF-3014_BlackBG13FrF-0607_BlackBG