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Some "Loose Horses" start with an ink drawing, others with paint, while others begin their artistic journey on a tablet. Some are drawn with my right hand, others with my left. All of them continue down a variety of mixed-media or digital roads. Those that are available as originals are noted as such, but many are purely digital in their final versions.... their origin is in the ether, but they are available as prints, cards and on other objects.
A step to the RightDressage PassageCrosscountry BluesEnergy SurgeGolden TrotHalf Pass Left Lime RasberryJump OffLeaving The ArenaNoble Nose Red-AquaRed FriesianRiding Off the LegRock Horse Square_TerriMillerRodeo Wave PurpleSoaring JumperTrot at VierzonAqua ChalkRedOrangeThe Lavender StallionWarm up Trot x3 MugWorking TrotPinkOnPinkYellow TintoParade