Congratulations, You've Won an Award!

To send a photo to USDF, USEF or your breed magazine, the item you are looking for is: Award or Magazine: 1 Time Editorial Use. I've moved this item to the top of the price list for your convenience.

If you have won multiple awards, the second item in the price list is for you: Award or Magazine: Multiple Uses.

Special Instructions for USDF Yearbook awards:

  1. Purchase your award photo.
  2. Download the USDF photo release from the USDF website.
  3. Fill out your information (rider/owner/horse/award/etc.).
  4. Save it on your computer as a PDF.
  5. Email it to me.
  6. I will then process your photo and send the photo and release together to USDF in the same digital packet, as they require.