This selection of artwork is available on Fine Art Watercolor paper, Canvas Wrap, or enameled Vivid Metal.

Fine Art Paper: looks like watercolor paper, completely matte with no reflections at all: perfect for dark and dramatic images.

Canvas Wrap: 1.5" deep, your choice of side treatments: black, white, or a softened continuation of the main image.

Vivid Metal: Brushed aluminum with an enamel finish. Choose "White Base" for a slick, solid surface; choose "Metal Base" for a 3-dimensional shimmer.
Wellington RailbirdsFoot LooseBlue Iberian PaintedPiaffe On Gold StuccoSphere Of InfluenceArabian GreenCollected CanterChestnut WarmbloodDesert ArabianFour Socks And a BlazeHalf Pass Left SepiaHalt At XThe Lavender StallionNeon DressagePainted Light CanterPainted Light Piaffe OrangePaleolithic DressageParadeRed FriesianSnappy Salute